International bilingual summer school program for postcolonial-sensitive teaching and research in Arabic Studies

Arabische Philologien im Blickwechsel / نحو دراسات عربية برؤى متعددة

The summer school program “Arabische Philologien im Blickwechsel / نحو دراسات عربية برؤى متعددة” (“Towards Multi-Perspectival Arabic Studies”) pursues a twofold aim: to facilitate the systematic exchange of perspectives and experiences between young and established scholars based in Europe and the Arab world, and to foster the use of Arabic as an active academic language in Arabic Studies at European universities.

WorkingGroup 2014
Working group 2014

During the summer schools, young academics (PhD students and postdocs) from European and Arab universities are given the opportunity to present their research in an international context, to discuss new and pioneering approaches to Arabic philology, literature and culture, and to actively practice the academic language (Arabic or English) they are less versed in.

PlenaryDiscussion 2017
Plenary discussion 2017

The summer school program thus supports a postcolonial-sensitive Arabic Studies, offering a forum where scholars meet as equals, knowledge about the Arab world is produced together with the Arab world, and Arabic is used as an academic language on equal footing with English and other languages.

The summer school program in brief:

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The summer schools in detail: